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Ehab Abdelmawla

Ehab Abdelmawla a young Egyptian man originally from Kafr El Sheikh after leading a long informal work experience in importing and selling Car parts in Portsaid for 7 years, experienced a life-altering event that led to a significant change in his circumstances.
Ehab, despite his hard work and dedication, found himself facing financial difficulties after the revolution, Portsaid events and the economic downturn that followed. In 2019, leaving behind a once thriving business, Ehab decided to seek new opportunities and a fresh start in Ismalia

In Ismalia

Ehab struggled to find stable employment and was forced to take on menial jobs and start from scratch just to make ends meet.
Learned about Interface a leading outsourcing Company that was recruiting for Carrefour a leading multinational hypermarket chain for the position of Janitors. Despite his previous experience in the car parts industry, Ehab saw this as an opportunity to earn a stable income and support himself financially. Ehab describes the experience of onboarding to the Janitor's position as revolutionary to his own stereotypical notion.
Through an intensive two week journey with Interface and Carrefour, Ehab learned about the different aspects of the job from cleaning techniques to customer service and product knowledge

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From day one, according to Ehab, Interface saw his great potential but had to put him into a probation period of 3 months to learn about his skills and knowledge.
By the encouragement and support of the Interface team, Ehab took the route to distinguish himself, his attire and work differently from his peers and decided to take the lead where afterwards in accordance with the Carrefour team, Ehab was promoted to team leader position within the Interface outsourced workforce to Carrefour's janitorial department For a whole year, Ehab worked with a variety of workers and supervised their work, advocated for their rights with the support of Interface who not only took his concerns in relation to the salary of the janitor seriously to retain employees but also implemented an alternative route after the outbreak of COVID and complete lockdown that would allow for the retention of the employees rather than the planned laid off by Carrefour.
Interface managed through a very thorough financial calculation to shift the hypermarket's management steer from laid off to only deducting off days where the workers would receive partial pay instead


Now Ehab has been hired formally in Carrefour’s workforce in Cairo as a Supervisor who is now replicating his first training to many of his colleagues and is expecting another promotion in the near future. He describes his experience with Interface as a life-changing experience where he not only challenged himself and tested his limits to start from scratch but also excelled in a formal and promising career trajectory with a multinational company. Interface and Carrefour played a pivotal role in Ehab’s transformative journey from being a car parts industry worker to a successful supervisor within Carrefour, he has witnessed a change in his financial and professional status which has not only affected his direct life costs but has helped him plan a more stable future for himself and his family after a lot of uncertainties and informality. Ehab’s story is one of many of the people we work with and seek to work with more to ensure a prosperous and stable future for the youth in Egypt