Offshoring services

Offshoring services is a strategic approach for companies to enhance their competitiveness, optimize costs, access specialized talent, and expand their global footprint.

What INTERFACE OSS Will Do For You

Best fitting employees’ selection & hiring

We specialize in finding the best fitting employees for any job role, through a rigorous recruitment process, which includes:
sourcing candidates, screening them, conducting interviews, and verifying their qualifications and experience. By leveraging our extensive network and access to specialized talent in the market, we can identify and select highly qualified candidates who are the perfect fit for the job requirements. In addition to finding suitable candidates, With Interface OSS we also handle the hiring process from start to finish, including contract negotiations, onboarding, and employee orientation. This ensures that our clients have a smooth and efficient hiring process, allowing them to focus on their core business operations

Compensation & Benefits Management

We handle tasks such as determining salary structures, setting performance-based incentives, and providing benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. By managing these aspects, Insterface OSS helps businesses maintain a competitive edge in the market and ensure employee satisfaction and a high performance workforce

Medical Insurance Management

We handle tasks such as selecting insurance providers, negotiating rates, and ensuring compliance with your local regulations. By managing medical insurance, we help businesses provide a comprehensive benefits package to employees while reducing administrative burdens and costs

Office and Facilities Management

We manage offices and facilities for remote employees. We handle tasks such as finding suitable office spaces, coordinating with landlords, and overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities. By managing offices and facilities, Interface OSS helps businesses maintain a professional environment for their remote workforce for the best cost possible utilizing the Egyptian market’s competitive prices.

Employee’s Assets Management

We ensure that the management of your employee’s assets are handled by professionals such as company-issued laptops, mobile phones, and other equipment. We do tasks such as tracking assets, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and coordinating with vendors for repairs and maintenance. By managing employee assets, Interface OSS helps businesses maintain control over their assets and reduce the risk of loss or theft.