Ethical Outsourcing

Ethical Outsourcing

We employ ethical outsourcing practices to emphasize the integration of ethical principles and

practices into the outsourcing process

Ethical Outsourcing Benefits


Interface OSS apply various Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices that align with and prioritize outsourcing ethical standards, which ensure that the outsourced activities are conducted responsibly and in accordance with ethical guidelines such as Environmental Practices,
Interface OSS Implements environmentally sustainable practices in outsourced operations, such as reducing energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions by offering tech- enabled outsourcing services that allow paperless environment processes internally and externally.
Interface apply digital transformation strategies across all business functions and has in fact helped more than 120 organizations automate their HR process with paperless environment best practices

Year Women Growth rate

We also take women empowerment in the workforce very seriously with an average growth rate of 107% in the past 7 years


Governance Practices

Interface OSS Conducts governance practices, which include transparency, accountability, ethical decision-making processes, as well as implementing auditing mechanisms that ensure ongoing compliance with ethical standards. Interface runs all activities with departmental vertical processes along with business intersection horizontal processes that are designed by all the departments’ stakeholders themselves and that are then audited by project management in a continuation for the improvement of all departments.